Hurri Cosmo

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Baby, Think it Over 

Coming March 1, 2015

Amber Allure


Kedon ungracefully stumbled to his feet.  “You… you can’t do that… Tarell…” Kedon heard the murmurs start up again, angry murmurs, pissed off murmurs, probably murmurs of how they were going to hunt Kedon down and rip out his heart.  “I’m a guy!  Pick a girl!”  That got a roar of approval.

Tarell had never been one for words.  Not that Kedon knew, of course.  They did not run in the same circles at all, not a big surprise.  But he had heard that Tarell was ‘super way cool’ and ‘totally awesome’ and part of that reason was he didn’t talk much.

Tarell used those powerful long legs to come down the aisle to Kedon’s desk, to where Kedon stood. But Kedon was not going to give the guy any ground.  He would stay right here, thank you very much.  Of course the god towered over him. Kedon was not tall by any standard, barely coming to Tarell’s shoulders, he had to bend his neck to look up into those silver eyes. 

Tarell reached out with his right hand and snaked it around Kedon’s waist, that large hand landing at the small of his back, and pulled.  Kedon had no choice but to obey, his eyes going wide.  With his other hand Tarell reached up and grabbed a handful of Kedon’s hair at the back of his head.  Pulling slightly, making Kedon know who was now in control, Tarell lowered his face toward Kedon.

Kedon was shocked but thought it had to be a joke, a karma thing for Kedon’s thoughts from earlier.  He was also thinking, at this moment anyway, Tarell was simply going to whisper that same something in his ear as he had with that girl, maybe as testimony to how good this joke really was, the class was going to crack up at this for sure. Kedon would cover his mouth with his hand, bat his eyes and laugh as irritatingly as he could.  He just hoped no one would take a picture since shit like that tended to end up in the wrong hands, like the school newspaper editor. 

But Tarell did not dip to the side to whisper in Kedon’s ear.  Instead he took Kedon’s lips into a fierce, deep kiss.  Kedon heard the gasps and disappointed whines from the girls in the room.  Had there been a guy version of those moans too?  But there was a tongue wanting to gain entry and suddenly all other sound faded away.  Kedon intended to put his hands up on Tarell’s chest, planned to push the guy away, he really, really did but instead he ended up gripping the front of Tarell’s shirt as Tarell pushed his tongue through Kedon’s lips and passed his clenched teeth and through every defense he had managed to build around himself where this man was concerned.  Kedon melted.  He felt Tarell’s grip tighten around him, pull him closer.  He felt the heat of Tarell’s body enveloping his own, loved the very fact he was held in place while he was being devoured.  The kiss seemed to go on forever and certainly not long enough but finally Tarell released his lips and pulled back his head a fraction of a space.  He whispered into Kedon’s face.

“Still object?”