Hurri Cosmo

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Camden knew the comment Gunner had made about Steven from sales was for his benefit. That was what truly made him smile. He had felt those incredible blue eyes staring at him while the comment was being made too which was the reason he had no doubt. And now, watching him wink at the waitress, giving her a reason to beam, Gunner climbed up yet another notch on his list of amazing god-like men. Sure, it was a short list but it seemed this particular god was climbing it insanely fast. He was, so far, kind and attentive and with his looks and presence, he didn’t need to be. Camden was convinced men and women alike would sit as his feet without him uttering a word. It was an incredible contrast, this large, fierce looking man dripping with sweetness.

Then, as if he could hear his thoughts, Gunner turned to Camden, lowered his gaze as if he was able to see Camden’s body through the table, lifted it back up, a sexy half smile on his face, and winked that same wink at Camden.

Fuck. I could come right now.

Okay, a year was far too long to go without a real man in his arms. He would now follow this guy anywhere as long as it meant getting naked and dirty.

But of course that wasn’t supposed to be what this weekend was about. This weekend was supposed to be about playing hard to get. Really hard to get. A weekend of running and hiding and staying uncaptured. That sounded fucking hot too. He couldn’t help but think of Gunner as one of the pursuers as well. But Camden was small and fast. In fact, he could most likely out run the big Gunner in any short distance sprint thereby making Gunner’s “flag” vulnerable, the pursued becoming the pursuer. What would he “force” Gunner to do as his prisoner? Oh, many, many wonderful things.

Steven arrived and true to his word Gunner pretty much ignored him throughout the meal. Although Steven did not ignore Gunner. Camden felt a little heart sick for Tanner who kept trying to keep the nerdy Steven’s attention. Even so, there was nothing Tanner liked better than a hot chase. With Steven it looked like Tanner had his work cut out for him.

“So, Camden.” Gunner reached out and touched Camden’s hand to get his attention. “I understand it’s your birthday tomorrow?”

“Oh shit, Tanner! You idiot. Why did you go and tell people, huh?”

“It’s the reason for the weekend, man! Had to celebrate something, right?” He raised his ice tea. “And soon we’ll be toasting it with free liquor, too. Top shelf!”

Camden sighed and turned back to Gunner. “Yeah. It’s my twenty-eighth.” He swigged from his bottle of beer.

Steven leaned into Gunner. “Such a child still! Twenty-eight?” He laughed, like that had been the least bit funny.

“I’m the same age as Tanner.” Too late Camden realized he was defending himself when defense was not necessary. There was no reason to feel threatened by the nerdy bland blond.

“Twenty-eight is plenty old enough. That’s all that’s important.” Gunner said in that low rumbly voice of his.

It was left to the imagination of those who heard the comment, which had to be just him and nerd face, just what Camden was “old enough” for. Old enough to drink, consent to sex, not panic and hyperventilate when you realized the competition was just not going to go away? Who knew? Camden took a long swig. When he swallowed he decided he needed to ask a question or two himself.

“Gunner. What do you do, then? I know you work at the same company Tanner does. But that’s all I know.”

“I’m in security.”

Once again nerd face thought he was a part of the conversation. “He’s head of security at Palmer Innovations. Has to be the best they ever had.” As if anyone cared at all for his opinion, the man raised his very pink Cosmo to Gunner as the big man looked at him. But then Camden saw Gunner blush a shade of red that was so fucking cute Camden’s heart rate actually increased. But damn! Someone else had made the big man blush. A hard twinge of jealousy nearly made Camden sick. Was Gunner getting taken in by this idiot? Of course, Gunner may not think the asshole was an idiot. Camden knew the only reason he did was because Steven was in direct competition with him. Camden hated competition. He never usually ended up on top.